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Treating periodontal disease & passing along knowledge of dental hygiene is my passion!

Medicine is an ever changing field and as dental hygienists & change agents we must be vigilant in our quest for current knowledge while treating and preventing disease.

The most important thing we can do for our patient is pass along our precious knowledge- EDUCATE!

As we know that some patients don't want to hear about "it", however it is our ethical responsibility as medical professionals to incorporate education into our clinical practice as to ensure that our patients understand the meaning of "stable" as far as oral health, the state of their oral health, how to treat their oral health and how to maintain their oral health to prevent disease.

This is one of the many topics I cover in my lectures. In order for us to deliver the "best information possible", we must first have the utmost knowledge of what we're practicing. Anything else would be negligent, right? Continuing education (CE) is essential and with science and healthcare evolving ever so quickly, it's imperative to have the latest & greatest medical knowledge as it relates to us and our field of study.

I tour the US attending continuing education seminars, private talks & one-on-ones with experts in periodontology & specialized medicine. This, along with networking, having great mentors and reading monthly journals is how I've gained and retained knowledge. Now I have been given the opportunity to pass this knowledge to you.

If you do not see your city on my lecture circuit, please contact me to discuss a visit to your town.



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